CIEJE starts from the premise according to which education and access to information are fundamental human rights of the rule of law and democratic system. Now, for this rights to be exercised, positive actions to stimulate and guarantee them are needed. This project is based on the principle that affirms knowledge is a fundamental tool for individuals and society’s growth.

CIEJE aims to the democratization of knowledge and access to information. This is how it intends to create, in an horizontal and collaborative manner, a legal and economical free access database for everyone and without any cost for readers, in order to strengthen knowledge and teaching, essential to contribute to a sustainable and equitable growth of countries.

CIEJE proposes an area for users to contribute and receive knowledge to and from their peers, enabling the tools to promote investigation work. In that regard, most of the platforms or reviews known in the iberoamerican region, are of a difficult access or demand a subscription’s payment to entry and obtain its publications.

CIEJE pretends to develop education and access to information in a clear, precise and sustainable manner by different means, working to reduce the asymmetry originated by the dissimilar development of the countries from the iberoamerican region. Therefore, free and quick access to information of high quality, presented by professionals from different disciplines of knowledge, results a useful and transparent mode to guarantee education and access to information.

CIEJE , in essence, is an initiative that acts as a bridge to the development, strengthening and advancement of knowledge, by articulating a fluent exchange among the different professionals from the countries of the iberoamerican region.

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